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Windows 10 S Mode

We just got delivery of a Lenovo all-in-one, sold with Windows 10, for use by Mrs ONB on email, Skype, Zoom, photo management, visiting web-sites she uses, etc etc.

In the box, I found a very small print leaflet in 32 languages, headed "Windows 10 in S mode". Evidently you can switch from S to normal mode, but if you do you can never go back to S mode. I infer from this that when I boot the machine for the first time it will open in S mode.

S mode comes with a need to buy apps etc only from the MS store, some apps, including some anti-virus apps, may not run properly if at all. In short MS is forcing users to deal exclusively with MS, which raises many warning flags.

So, by and large, it seems to me that S mode is undesirable for normal operations, so if the machine boots into it I will switch to normal mode. Does anyone know if that's a reasonable assessment?

I did speak to Lenovo support, but the agent knew nothing about it. He assured me that S mode is just like Safe mode. I've only used Safe mode on 1 or 2 occasions, but I recall having to repeatably press F2 while booting up, and then having a very limited range of functions. But it was there as a rescue procedure and that is not consistent with being told "if you switch out of S mode you can never go back to it."

So the question is, if the machine boots into S mode (how will I know?) is it a good idea to switch to normal mode, and if I do that, will the old Safe mode recovery feature remain available?

As always, Microsoft's on-line literature and FAQs create more questions than answers.....

All advice and guidance welcomed! Please?
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