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Originally Posted by BehindBlueEyes View Post
“To kill a man, without process, in broad daylight, then this should be keeping you awake at night.”

Maybe the murder of PC Keith Blakelock should keep you awake at night?

”The rioters removed Blakelock's protective helmet, which was never found. The pathologist, David Bowen, found 54 holes in Blakelock's overalls, and 40 stabbing or slashing injuries, eight of them to his head, caused by a weapon such as a machete, axe or sword. A six-inch-long knife was buried in his neck up to the hilt. His body was covered in marks from having been kicked or stamped on. His hands and arms were badly cut, and he had lost several fingers trying to defend himself. There were 14 stab wounds on his back, one on the back of his right thigh, and six on his face. Stabbing injuries to his armpits had penetrated his lungs. His head had been turned to one side and his jawbone smashed by a blow that left a six-inch gash across the right side of his head. Bowen said the force of this blow had been "almost as if to sever his head", which gave rise to the view that an attempt had been made to decapitate him.”


Eh? Of course it does. That was a horrific murder. You think I have sympathy for the murders of PC Blakelock because I have no sympathy for the murderers of George Floyd??? This makes no sense. I am however asking you to understand the insidious way that systematic racism traps entire communities into a deadly spiral from which only the few outstandingly brave and outstandingly lucky can escape.
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