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It doesn't take away from the fact that he was quite openly racist and a fan of eugenics, something which is not taught in school at all. He praised Hitler as well on various occasions. So you can see why some people are upset, surely? Also often forgotten is how Churchill after the war ended up quite a hated figure in the UK, with a Labour government sweeping to power and setting up the NHS. But all of this is very uncomfortable knowledge for a lot of people.
Yes Churchill was so hated that the Labour government were given one short spell of government before being thrown out and replaced by the 'hated' Churchill and a Conservative government. The only people that genuinely hated Churchill were the communists who waged a campaign in 1945 that Churchill was a 'warmonger' and would lead Britain straight back into another war with Russia, although such a thing was both militarily and economically impossible the doubters and undecided were swayed and put Atlee in in 1945, to their obvious regret.
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