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Originally Posted by Islandlad View Post
I believe the woman involved was pregnant at the time. Which is why 'Saint' George pointed the gun where he did.

And that little list is of the crime he was convicted of, not the rest of his activities. Not exactly a role model. If the local police knew him there will be more to come out. There will be more video and more facts. Mr Floyd was not a nice man. He will go on trial along with the police officers. He will not come out of this well.

He was not a saint. He was a hardened criminal. That is the issue.
If you think that is the issue then you have absolutely no understanding of what happens every day.

For example, if George Floyd 'pled guilty' that would tell you that his case was never brought to trial (like 97% of such cases) and he was offered a standard plea bargain.

Now, you probably think plea bargains are used in special cases to get criminals to give evidence on each other. In fact, plea bargains are offered routinely and the VAST majority are simple blackmail. The accused is told that f they plead guilty they will get something like 3 years, but if they refuse and maintain their innocence, they will be held on remand for years (unless they can pay large bonds which are way beyond the means of most) and if found guilty at a trial they face many times more years in jail. Given the crazy high conviction rates and the long delays before trial, poor (black) people invariably plead guilty. It has been rightly said that this aspect of the American system favors the guilty rich over the innocent poor.

On release from prison you are now a convicted felon and practically unemployable and excluded from most assistance. What life choices do you then have?

And if you still think 'I would never plead guilty to a crime I was innocent of', take a look at the story of Kalief Browder. This poor kid had the guts to maintain his innocence, and look at what happened to him. Subsequent evidence strongly suggests that he was indeed innocent.

Can you not see how this sort of sustained targeting of the black population is the problem?

It does not matter if Floyd was a saint or a mass murderer. Unless you believe it's OK for the police to kill a man without process, in broad daylight, then this should be keeping you awake at night.
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