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It just shows how little people know of the past and their politics.

The leader of the Labour Party at the time was George Lansbury, a committed pacifist who pronounced a Hitler as “ one of the great men of our times”. Within his own party Chamberlain lead a faction who wanted to sign a treaty with him and supported the policy of appeasement. Churchill opposed both.

It should be remembered that, in the mid-1930s Hitler was widely admired for pulling Germany out of hyperinflation and saving it from Communism.

As for eugenics, again, until the excesses and abuses of the Nazi’s the policy was widely accepted and admired - one of the greatest exponents was the USA, and especially California. The discovery of genetics and its use to produce better varieties of crops and animals made it logical to assume it would be beneficial to persuade society to do the same with people - the abuses with the poor, the needy, the impaired being revealed later.

So don’t blame Churchill unless you want everyone to burn all relics of their grandparents and destroy all history before 2000.




“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

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