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Chill down guys with all those academies and descriptions of ideal W!ZZ pilot.
Aviation is on its knees now, with tens of thousands experienced (read more valuable than zero-hour) pilots ready to fight for a job which would give them opportunity to fly and maintain ratings etc.
IMHO it will take minimum 5 years to recover before the normal hiring of low-hour pilots will resume.
And will you be maintaining your IR, medical, etc current before that happens? Even if you do, and even if you get invited for an interview followed by a sim session - how much of your knowledge and skills will be fresh to be able to pass it?
I think that spending any money out of your pocket for interviews/assessments/academy courses now is simply stupid.
On the other hand, if the local pubs are closed due to the pandemic, where else you can let the money go which is tearing your pocket?!

I wish my assumptions were really very wrong...
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