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I am astounded to hear that you think a an aircraft in current production is “still allowed to fly IFR by EASA”.

It is not the method of Construction that determines if an aircraft can fly IFR it is the handling characteristics, navigation Equipment fitted and the system redundancy that are the factors that the decision is based.

I can’t see why if the Emeraude meets the criteria it would not be allowed by the LAA to fly IFR. Go ask the question of the LAA, the guy who investigates new types for IFR certifying is a reasonable bloke and very practical in dealing with this issue.

As to the DR400, it is a pussycat IFR, I have flown ILS to the limits with aircraft on a number of occasions, the low nose and large clear canopy allowed me to get the visual reference to continue the approach even when The weather was right on the 200ft Minima.
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