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I agree that the old Flybe is dead, it had serious underlying health issues and Covid19 finished it off.
Irrespective of the former leadership's issues I thought the new lot were doing a good job and had the right idea, when they got the keys to the castle and found the previous lot had already spent 80million of their investment there must have been some head in hands.
I don't think the full impact of Flybe's demise can be judged at the moment given there's nobody currently flying in lockdown and no demand.
When things do fire up (hopefully soon) who's going the fill the void? Easy Jet aren't going to fill a 200 seat jet on most routes and can Logan Air and Eastern really upscale
to fill the void of a 800million business with 8million passengers..... unlikely. RyanAir just moan about government bail outs but don't do any internal UK flights...

My prediction...... Some sort of Restart with the owned 20ish Dash only, bases at BHD, BHX, MAN, Poss SOU (although an expensive airport to operate from) and W pattern into EXT, NQY and LCY. No Scottish bases but some Scottish routes or possibly a joint base for EDI/GLA. Will be a nominal EXT HQ or move to BHX due to the number of local Q400 engineers, hangar plus simple geography and route structure. Will fly around the UK, Channel Islands, AMS, Poss CGD, Ireland and regional France summer only.....

Problem is there's not many investors around with spare cash at the moment to fund it........

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