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Whilst researching the use of Fairchild M-62As some years ago I interviewed an RAF veteran who had trained at one of the RAF's British Flying Training School in Oklahoma and at a twin-engine Service Flying Training School in Canada.. Somewhere along the way he contracted a serious ear infection and on his return to the UK instead of being assigned to operations he was posted first, to a radio school flying Proctors and from November 1944 to October 1945, to a Fleet Air Arm Communications Unit/Flight at RNAS Rattray, Crimmond, North East Scotland.

The unit was manned by two seconded RAF pilots and a naval ground crew and was equipped with an Airspeed Oxford, a Stinson Reliant and two Beechcraft Traveller aircraft. Their main duties were to carry Royal Naval personnel across the Irish Sea between Scotland and Naval establishments in Northern Ireland.
His logbook including the following: Oxford DF482, Reliant FB644 and Travellers FT468 and FT493.

I am not sure the usual aircraft movement records are available for Fleet Air Arm aircraft, but it may be those surviving Travellers on the US register have served at Royal Navy establishments in North America and the Caribbean.
Hope this helps, M-62A3.
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