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Banana Joe's comment made me laugh.

Several years ago I got a German PPL based on my FAA certificate. I had to take two of the written tests. I speak German. I studied in German. The test proctor set the test to English "because you're an American..." Awful. I could barely recognize the origin of some of the questions. It wasn't that the translation was all that bad, but the vocabulary choice was definitely not "Aviation English."

Germany has three different radio licenses - VFR in German only, VFR including English, and IFR in German or English. As an instrument rated pilot I was allowed to do the latter as an initial R/T license. I passed the test in both languages. Some native speakers failed, though it was for pilot-knowledge not linguistic issues. I had crammed big time for the test. They knew more about flying in German than me, but I knew more about flying than them. I eventually turned the validated FAA certificate into a real German JAR PPL with a checkride in German. Timing was perfect, on first renewal I turned it into a modern EASA PPL. Did glider and aerobatics in German, too. I miss flying in Europe and the UK.

Language can be a funny thing.
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