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Originally Posted by ECAMACTIONSCOMPLETE View Post
So you’re upset that a low fares airline is offering low fares?
If you look closely next time you taxi us you’ll see it written on the side of the plane!

All day, everyday!
Again, take my whole post in and not one line of it.

Air NZ cancels sim slots for J* ahead of the largest down-training programme any of us will (likely) see in our careers but the first mention of it here is that it’s anti-competitive.

JQ (QF) apply Australian employment regulations (LWOP) to NZ crew through way of an ultimatum, with Billions in the bank, but that’s not anti-competitive, just good business. Bit like Ryan Air having all their Pilots “self employed via companies setup in Ireland” so they can avoid the majority of the EU laws and taxes.

Anything can be claimed as anti-competitive or just good business practise if we squint hard enough and look at it sideways... as is often the case here. Strange how JQ is basically the devil when we’re talking about Australian aviation, but over this side of the ditch? Nah it’s all good mate.
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