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Originally Posted by ECAMACTIONSCOMPLETE View Post
so how was JQ not flying for the 2 months of COVID restrictions anti competitive?
A selective quote from my original post taken out of context.

JQ did not suffer the same cash burn on this side of the ditch as Air NZ and avoided redundancy costs. I’m all too familiar with the QF group cherry picking between NZ & AUS employment laws and regulations when it suits them. They fend off FWA with one arm claiming NZ contracts while brushing the ERA aside with other citing they’re an “Australian company”.

Anyway, NZ and QF are dealing with their own battles at home, but as J* is such a small operator here they’ve avoided the spotlight. While we deal with a grumpy public demanding refunds for flights, many Longhual and some nit even cancelled yet, JQ comes to the rescue with below cost Airfares having spent the last few months ducking for cover.

BOTH Air NZ and QF can be as bad as each other. My original post, which you cherry picked one line from, simply gave a less sinister explanation as to why Air NZ might of cancelled the SIM slots. If we go looking for it, it’s not hard to come up with potential examples of Anti-Competitive behaviour from both Airlines over the years, as I just did. Let’s be honest, anyone selling tickets for $34 post COVID will be raiding the piggy bank to do so.

Originally Posted by ANstar View Post
I believe the choice was redundancy or leave without pay... what option would you choose? The poor guys at Air NZ didn't get the same choice did they?

And the devil Aussie airline wasn't being underwritten by the NZ govt to allow services to continue. NZ was only operating as they were being underwritten by the government.
Well that also be a case of constructive dismissal as you cannot force an employee to accept LWOP in NZ. J*/JC & VANZ Pilots fell through the cracks between Wellington and Canberra. If Air NZ tried that on it’d be before the ERA and on the front page of every paper in the country.

As for those flights being underwritten, the loan hasn’t been touched due to the interest rate. We’re still burning our own cash at the moment.
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