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Originally Posted by ElZilcho View Post
Or perhaps because Air NZ recently made approximately 100 Airbus FO’s redundant who need replacing via down-training as Domestic (and shortly Tasman) flying picks back up.

The SIMS (except for 777) will be working 24/7 to facilitate all the seat changes so reserving sim slots for the Aussies might not of been overly practical

But hey, if we want to talk about anti-competive, let’s talk about the the Aussie Airline who ditched NZ Domestic during COVID (while we had to fly virtually empty Aircraft for essential services) swooping back in with $30 tickets after applying Australian laws to NZ employees and standing everyone down on zero pay. Seems fair.
The timing of the sim cancelations after the article is too much of a coincidence. The New Zealand media have basically said nothing about Jetstar New Zealand over the last couple of months and then soon as an article comes out about Jetstar ramping up, the sims get cancelled

I agree with your point about practicality, but I would have thought Air New Zealand would be wanting as much revenue coming in as possible. A third party hiring the sim in the double figures this month alone seems like a good revenue stream.

I don’t make the decisions high up but I do know I’ve received full pay the last 2 months
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