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Our last cat made a habit of making social visits to all the nearby houses. He also teamed up with the cat who lived in the house behind ours and paid regular visits to an old peoples' home about 200 yards away where, I am led to believe, they were both fussed over and (probably) fed titbits. Not that you could tell, as he weighed in at about 14 lbs and didn't seem to gain or lose weight so they probably did much more good than bad. He had a habit of sitting in the road watching for mice, etc, in the grass verge and several times I had to go out and retrieve him so that the bus could get past. He ran up a tree once but realised that this was a bad idea so tried to run down again. Half-way down it dawned on him that this was an even worse idea so did a quick 180 and slid backwards the rest of the way. From then on he stayed strictly at ground level.

I miss old Henry.

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