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Itís calling for all domestic travel to start from June 5.

So by next Friday you think the WA, NT, QLD, SA and TAS state governments are all going to open their borders. You are absolutely kidding yourself. Itís more likely the state borders open from July 1 and borders open to NZ by some time in September.

And what do you mean the country canít afford JK and JS? Australia still has one of the lowest government debts amongst OECD nations. The RBA governor has basically said we can afford to borrow more and spend it on things that will grow the economy. This is especially the case when the cost of borrowing is so cheap at the

You need to understand that government debt is not the same as household debt.

And are you also suggesting the government is going to double a consumption tax at the point where consumption is at its lowest because the country is in recession? That would be a massive economic blunder - and there is no way the government will go anywhere near something like that.

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