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I better start by stating that whilst I love cats I am trying my hardest to dissuade my wife from letting us be adopted by a cat.

There is a small black cat that wanderers around our village and no-one admits to being its owner. My wife saw it and put down those very
addictive cat treats.Now of course it comes around a lot more and sits on the outside mat looking in at my wife. She is weakening and I know
she wants to allow it to move in. However we are not supposed to have pets in our apartment, we worry about what would happen to a cat who
will outlive us, we don't want the worry about its health and finally we can't face the pain if it has to go to the Vet for "a very long sleep". I keep
pointing out that it looks looked after as it's not skinny and doesn't look scruffy. Our previous cats all loved those treats and always wanted more
every few minutes and loudly said that they hadn't had any for days, yeah rite. Another neighbour "thinks" that it lives in the road adjacent to our
village and I remind my wife how upset we would have been if someone tried to lure away one of our cats.
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