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You're welcome to come and visit the insane animal I brought home just over a year ago, reddo. Thirty five pages of cats and kittens to choose from and I chose this feller because he was described as a "sweet old boy." The only thing I can think of is that the foster-carer actually had two tabby cats at the time and forgot which one she was describing.

Since he came home he's thrown nothing but problems at me ... ear mites, campylobacter, a collapsed lung, skin allergy ... I've had several serious fangings from him, he doesn't like to snuggle or be picked up, meows constantly for more food (yes, the bowl is always full but obviously not to a level that conforms to HIS definition of full). He is a noisy, demanding, unpredictable, bad-tempered, evil-minded little sod of a cat ...

... but I love him to bits and wouldn't part with him for anything.
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