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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
Doesn't matter, Boudreax. To them, if you put 38 million out of work, and save one old geezer life, that's a good deal. Especially if you can persuade them by November that it was all Trump's fault.
Apparently, you are not enough of a United States citizen to know the difference between the American usage of the word 'geezer' and the UK usage. I am not interested in your usage of words like succinct, Trumphophobe and other prima donna words you like to use. At 80, I am firmly the part of the category you identify as "Old Geezers." You seem very willing to brush off their sacrifice compared to your honored commitment as a medical physician. Almost 80% of the pandemic 100,000 deaths in the United States are in the elderly or geezer category as you like to put it. To your usage I say you are an !

Just so you understand your derogatory remark: geeˇzer| ˈɡēzər | noun1 North American informal, derogatory an old man. 2 British informal a man: he strikes me as a decent geezer - New Oxford Dictionary

Maybe you need to take another hiatus to refine your posting to not be so insulting...


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