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To return to FlyMD, who claimed that we in the US's primary interest is to:
safeguard my net worth or the stock market
In my short but interesting visits to Switzerland, it is very clear to me that the Swiss have a much different concept of the role of government in their lives, than, say, Americans. So be it. You seem to be content with it, and as it has worked for you for several centuries, I would not be critical.
We could, of course, start a thread called "Swiss Politics Hamsterwheel". Wherein I might chime in from here to mention some of the less savory aspects of Swiss culture and history.

I find it presumptuous to be accused of not caring about lives lost, while condemning a huge portion of the population to poverty and its accompanying ill health and even death.

I've stated it before: We can either choose living with a virus and permanent economic collapse, or living with a virus and allowing economic recovery. In this, Switzerland and the USA are the same.
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