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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
So let me ask this in reverse, FlyMD: Do you think it acceptable to tell a person providing a modest living for his/her young family by working for someone, or running his own small business, that he must close the business and have ZERO income, for a period of time that is indeterminate, because of the small percentage of people that have become ill and even died? Especially when we understand who makes up the at-risk group for serious covid-19 illness, and how that risk for the person I mention is in fact negligible.
If so, what will you advise he do to look after his family? And when will you tell him it will end?

It's all well and good for those of us who have retained a well-paid job or who have a comfortable retirement plan, to preach austerity to a farmer, a tire repairman, or a theatre manager. To use your words:

If we wait till this virus has departed, we will be waiting a very long time indeed.
It's mostly all well and good in countries that look after it's citizens.
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