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As others have said there is no bioethanol / FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) in jet fuel, the specification for Jet A1 allows for a maximum of 5ppm (0.0005%) FAME. The issue of micro-bacterial growth in fuel is nothing to do with the presence of bioethanol, it is a known and well documented issue with all middle and light distillate fuels and can occur at the interface between fuel and water at the bottom of a storage tank, all fuels contain some water and in storage this will separate out and collect at the bottom of the tank.

The production and supply of aviation fuel is a highly regulated and quality controlled process and the fuel is tested at every point in the supply chain to ensure it meets the relevant specifications. There are well established aircraft maintenance and storage procedures in place that will ensure that the fuel in any aircraft not being used will be safe so I can assure you that there is no ticking time bomb here (and no speculation, I have 20+ years of experience working for a major fuel company in the aviation fuel sector )
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