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Piper Arrow
Are you trying to wind us up? If not, what are you smoking, please share it around! “See and avoid” does not work with large aircraft. Imagine the following scenario: A 737 arriving into Hobart with a Piper Arrow on a recripical track in Class E airspace. The Piper Arrow is maintaining his required 1500M from cloud. With a combined closure speed of roughly 8NM per minute, you do the Maths! 1500M is roughly one mile, so the crew has 7 sec to see the Piper Arrow and take avoiding action. “But TCAS will save you”, I here you say. CRAP! TCAS is a last line of defence. How will the Piper Arrow know if his transponder is working? There is no radar in Tassie below flight levels, consequently no way of verifying the accuracy or operation of the Arrow’s transponder, apart from routine ground maintenance servicings. The aircraft I currently fly does not have TCAS, so I am completely rabbit fu#cked. The “big sky theory” does not work when aircraft are all using the same GPS solution for tracking.
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