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Yeah thats right Bart. In Australia we have Jets get hit by light aircraft stooging around as they see fit so much more than the US. Glad we are going to get less now!

Take 1998 for example!

United States

January 9 - The crew of a Southwest Airlines 737 took evasive action after a TCAS warning advised an imminent collision with two smaller commuter-class planes over Los Angeles. Air traffic controllers reportedly observed all three targets merge at one point. All three aircraft landed safely. FAA officials are investigating.

January 24 - Two American Airlines flights reportedly came in close proximity with two smaller aircraft operating as skydiving taxis in the same airspace near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. One airliner received an onboard collision avoidance alert and took evasive action; the other airliner reportedly passed directly over one of the planes. FAA officials are investigating.

February 11 - A National Guard Chinook helicopter collided with a single-engine plane near Morgan Hill, California, killing the pilot of the plane. The Chinook was able to land safely, and no injuries were reported aboard the aircraft. The helicopter was flying in formation with another Chinook at the time of the collision, which occurred at the crest of a hill.

February 22 - Two single-engine planes collided over DeKalb, Illinois, killing both pilots aboard both aircraft. Weather was reported as clear at the time of the crash.

March 20 - All three aboard two light planes were killed after colliding over Corona, California. Wreckage from the aircraft fell on a condominium complex, which along with another residential building was consumed by flames. No injuries were reported on the ground. The collision reportedly occurred as one aircraft circled the Corona Municipal Airport in anticipation of the completion of runway repairs.

April 5 - A Cessna Citation and Cessna 172 collided over Roswell, Georgia, killing all five aboard both aircraft. Preliminary National Transportation Safety Board investigation indicates that the smaller plane did not have its transponder activated before the collision.

April 12 - A Delta Airlines flight came within close proximity of an unidentified aircraft near Reagan Washington National Airport. Both an air traffic controller and the aircraft’s onboard traffic collision avoidance system warned of an imminent collision, and the crew was able to initiate a steep climb. Officials were trying to identify the other aircraft.

May 18 - An unidentified aircraft reportedly nearly collided with a Northwest Airlines DC-9 as the Northwest flight departed Detroit Metropolitan Airport. FAA officials are investigating.

May 30 - A Cessna 172 seaplane collided with a sightseeing helicopter off Juneau, Alaska, killing both aboard the seaplane. The lightly damaged helicopter made a safe landing; five of the six aboard received minor injuries.

August 9 - A twin-engine Cessna and a Delta Airlines flight reportedly passed within 200 feet of each other northeast of Detroit. The Cessna reportedly was not operating with a working transponder, and was not in communication with air traffic controllers. The FAA is investigating the incident.

August 31 - A single-engine and twin-engine Cessna collided over Eau Claire, Wisconsin, killing two. The collision reportedly occurred in clear weather near the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

August 31 - A Delta Airlines L-1011 reportedly came within 8 seconds of a collision with an Alaska Airlines MD-80 at 25,000 feet over San Diego. An air traffic controller turned the flights at the last moment. A controller at the Palmdale facility controlling the planes reportedly called supervisors in to help with a staff shortage prior to the incident.

September 18 - A chartered WinAir 727 carrying members of the Brigham Young University football team took evasive action after its onboard collision avoidance system warned of impending collision with another aircraft while on approach to Boise, Idaho. Passengers reportedly saw the shadow of what was believed to be an A-10 Warthog operating out of the Mountain Home Air Force Base as the aircraft made its avoidance dive.

October 5 - Two helicopters operated by Petroleum Helicopters Inc. and Texas Air collided over the Gulf of Mexico off New Orleans, killing one and injuring one. No other details were available.

October 22 - The pilot of a U.S. Air Force F-16 ejected safely before his aircraft crashed northwest of Phoenix. The aircraft reportedly collided with another F-16 before the crash; the second plane reportedly made a safe landing at Luke Air Force Base.

November 12 - Two single-engine planes collided over Yerington, Nevada, killing all three aboard both planes. One plane crashed into the garage of a house, setting the house on fire. No injuries were reported on the ground.

November 21 - Two single-engine planes collided over a golf course in Phoenix, killing both pilots and seriously injuring a passenger. Preliminary investigation suggested a nose-to-tail collision.

December 1 - A Northwest Airlines jet and an Air Ontario flight reportedly passed in close proximity south of Albany, New York. Air traffic controllers saw both radar images merge and warned both flights of impending collision. Officials are investigating the possibility that the aircraft received TCAS instructions which put them into conflict.

December 6 - A British Caledonian L-1011 and a Delta Airlines 767 reportedly nearly collided off Long Island at 33,000 feet. Both flights took evasive action based on Traffic Collision Avoidance alerts. Air traffic controllers attributed the incident to a computer failure at Boston Center.

December 27 - A single-engine plane reportedly came within 30 seconds of colliding with a Continental Airlines jet near the fully-occupied Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The pilot of the single-engine plane was reportedly disoriented and flying in restricted airspace before recognizing the impending collision and taking evasive action. Air traffic controllers instructed the Continental flight to stop its descent at that time.

(from here http://www.aero-farm.com/asi/98coll.htm)


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