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Mental Health of Pilots

I am posting my concerns about the ridiculous rules that require pilots to self isolate for 14 days after each and every duty regardless of a negative Covid test result.
I have friends at EK as an example, who are in permanent self isolation and have been for 2 months now with no sign of this abating. (They are flying a duty every 14 days so cannot leave the house at all or interact with their own wives and children while at home...those are the rules stipulated by the local health authority.) This is leading to depression, aggression, binge drinking....you know all the things that solitary confinement would cause? I cannot believe in this day and age with more knowledge on mental health issues, that this practice is happening. Has the aviation industry forgotten so quickly LAM Mozambique airlines flight 470? Or Germanwings 9525?
Please, please,please put pressure on your health authorities in whatever country are implementing these non sensical 'rules' before we face another cockpit suicide due to an unsustainable and hellish existence away from work.
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