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Originally Posted by Pilot_92 View Post
Hello all
When I did my pilot's license, I used to hear the term from ATC " Maintain Runway Heading" before takeoff. Nowadays as a first officer flying jet, I hear either " maintain runway heading" and sometimes I hear " maintain runway track". I know that runway track corrects for wind and heading does not. However, I have two questions that I would love to have answers for:
1- Why would we fly runway heading if there is a high chance to be off heading and runway track would alway be accurate?
2- Why during pilot's licenses ( which I did in the U.S), I never heard the term " maintain runway track"? Is it because the U.S ATC doesn't use the term Maintain Runway Track?
Please if you know the answer let me know.

Thank you all
Maintain runway heading allows for departure with drift,maintain runway track means allow for drift to Maintain the Track,as I recall.

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