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Originally Posted by mcdhu View Post
8che - I'm not in this to argue, but more to provide options for considerations. Tried this in the sim a few times with a variety of variables. As you say, you have to do something except to sit and wait for V1 to appear (which it might not).

Fair enough but its not an option and a dangerous suggestion so I have to call it out. The number one rule of wind shear recoveries is don’t change the config. Please don’t believe everything you see in a simulator. While a level D sim will almost certainly contain the actual fight modelled data of an airframe that is or was in service, the modelling of external environmental conditions is a pure manufactured mathematical model and so can only ever be preprogrammed. It can never therefore accurately model real world environmental and aircraft response. In short it ain’t and never will be the real aircraft response, just the best simulation.
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