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Originally Posted by chx230 View Post
Another example may be more proper for what I am concerning. When I take off in a bumpy day. The airspeed is kinda up and down during rolling. I get one engine inoperative at v1, I choose to continue. But I don’t notice that when I add power from flex to rated, the airspeed has come back below v1 already. They find this in QAR. Can I still keep my job? You know it is a bbbbbbig issue to make GO decision when the speed is below v1. So I really want to figure out if I am exempt or not for the airspeed once reached v1
This is a company culture problem. You do the best you can with the information you have. If you are subsequently fired, so be it. Far better to be fired after you did the best you could, rather than being fired after you dithered and second guessed yourself.

More importantly: Far better to be fired having saved the passengers and aircraft than to end up making a smoking hole in the ground because you were concerned about what the company would do to you.
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