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Originally Posted by mcdhu View Post
If using increased V2 performance, the V speeds will be artificially high so its a bonus if you have an idea of what speed the ac will actually fly at. On the 320, for the same weight, temp etc, it was possible (in my day) to have V speeds that differed by 30kts on different runways (120 - 150kts).

Consider TOGA
More flap to reduce stall speed?
Rotate when above 'flying speed'

Its not your day, but you might just get away with it.
More flap ?? on the take off roll in wind shear ? Are you sure about that ? More flap will have just killed your climb angle for the hard bits after the runway plus changing the shape of the wing in a dynamic wind shear condition not good.

The poster is showing classic “Eastern” fear culture symptoms. Fear cultures kill resilience. Just operate with your best common sense. Look at it this way, the company will fire you for not following the rules and they will fire you for following the rules if it ends badly. You therefore can never win so do what you feel is the best you can on the day and at least you will walk away with your conscience clear.
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