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chx230, et al, consider the overall context, the larger picture.

The critical decision in potential wind-shear conditions is in the choice to takeoff, opposed to delay.
Having decided to takeoff, then the V1 question in part answered; normal procedures with wind-shear precautions - max power, expect delayed liftoff, unusual instrument indications, etc *.

Whilst a 'paper' what-if scenario is not impossible, in practice a pilot is unlikely to see or appreciated the indications in a real wind-shear encounter. These situations highjack the mind, thus greater need to revert to trained-for, pre-conscious procedures.
V1 is V1, having achieved it, GO. Training must be for a GO minded operation.
Don't let the paper / sim / training gurus hijack realism, common sense.

and: to muddy the water - speed checks at 80 kts, what if one system fails after that, how would you know, who calls speed / V speeds. Is P2 ASI high or P1 low, GO.
If it doesn't feel right, check and fly pitch-power; that should be part of any pre takeoff wind-shear briefing *.

and: whatever fatalistic outcome is envisaged, you chose that outcome in deciding to takeoff.

* https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/...ar/AC00-54.pdf
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