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MOL on protracted slot at 20.00 on the 22nd. MASKS.

I'm sitting here at 04:00 the next day and haven't spotted another post, but I think it merits separate comment since he could be something of a trailblazer.

MASKS, no ifs or buts. He argued the findings. Deep cleaning before first flight and leave a chemistry around that will survive the day.

'No, of course we can't clean them at every stop'. 'No, of course we can't guarantee total safety'. Frankly, he spelled it out as it is.

He seemed to be arguing against regulation for aircraft while people are still allowed to pack into public transport.
Gosh, I'm agreeing with every word he's saying, I thought. He had quite a few minutes with dedicated camera.

Masks are the best tool if everyone wears one. I'm personally sure of that, but not everyone will be able to stand the claustrophobic and abrasive effects. A friend on long haul - just escaped back home in time - cleaned every surface of her comfy cubical thereby showing a commitment, but it wasn't long before she ripped the mask off. Will people be able to maintain their good intent even for a few hours?
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