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Originally Posted by chx230 View Post
I totally agree that pilot should take responsibility for safety. But the situation in our country is very different. I will loose my job if I violate the regulation, even though that may lead to a better result. You canít image that they download the QAR for every flight, and evaluate all my movement and decision seconded by second. So I am so care about that whether I violate the regulation if continue take off when the current speed is below v1 but once reached v1 before. We usually use BFL v1, and we can choose v1 max and v1 min.

There is no right answer to your question. It's really that simple. Your calculated V1 is invalid because of an external factor. Boeing provide some advice in their FCTM but it all comes back to crew judgement. BTW, we all live with QAR. Just use care and sound judgement and you'll be fine.
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