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Originally Posted by Douglas Bahada View Post
Yes I am in total agreement but nothing is making any sense anymore. Apparently if you are under the age of 40 you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid19.
Since around 50 dies each year of lightning strike in the UK and there don't seem to be any UK official death statistics by age in the lower age groups that could be possible. However most of us know the precautions necessary and take them to avoid being struck by lightning. Like don't stand in an open field holding a metal pole while there is a thunderstorm overhead. Are you argumenting that poeple should'nt take similar precautions to avoid getting CoVid19.

There will always be a large amount of people that are not smart enough to survive when something different arrives. They have no experience of that what have worked before no longer works because the world have changed. These are the people the smarter ones send over the top first. Others sit back and wait to see what happens to that lot. A problem is that those that go on as before bring the disease home to them who are carefull. Take the analogy of going for a walk and you meet people that don't care about social distancing. You just know that if they are careless when you meet them they will be just as careless in other aspects of dealing with the spread.
Always choose a route where you are the one that controls the distance. Always choose an airline that has taken more precautions than the absolute minimum that won't cost them much.
Smart travellers will make up their mind about what amount of precautions is necessary and will choose an airline that supplys them. However I'm not saying an airline, even a low fares one, couldn't cater for both. Instead of a class divider curtain they could have a CoVid19 precaution divider curtain. In front you get free middle seats, cleaning of toilets between each customer and cleaning of cabin between each flight. Behind, for a bit less money, you get nightly cleaning and shared armrests.
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