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Everyone I've talked to, from peers to elderly parents (own and those of my GF) cannot wait to start travelling again.

My mom is booked on a trip to Tirol in August, a trip which will be taken by bus. She's adamant that if the tour company does not cancel the trip, she'll be onboard that bus. Her travel companion will be her brother, and they're both on the dark side of 70.

I had a chat with both of them, and they are of the opinion "if it happens, it happens and it's equally likely to happen at home as it is abroad".

All my friends are desperate to resume their vacation schedule, which usually involves a trip to the Med in the summer and to Asia or the Alps (or both) in the winter, interspersed with short trips to e.g. London, Paris, Barcelona, Malaga, Mallorca, Rome or New York.

Colleagues, including self, are eager to resume business travel so that we can interact properly with our colleagues, customers and suppliers at facilities around the world. If there's anything this virus has shown, it is that conducting meetings via phones and videolinks are falling desperately short of being equally productive, efficient and producing results of the same quality. The amount of meetings we've had has shot up to an almost intolerable level, but instead of settling or aligning on issues, the most common result is the need to conduct several follow-up meetings to achieve the necessary result.

Therefore I'm of the firm conviction that once procedures are in place and borders open again, passengers will avail themselves of the opportunity en masse.
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