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It's important to have the opportunity available in the first place. Whatever measures are in place, when the government doesn't allow you to go anywhere near the airport - none of them matters. Once the opportunity is there (and it almost is, it's a matter of another couple of weeks for Europe to open up), there will be a couple of groups of people who will lead the recovery. Think essential travellers, students, some business travellers, those visiting friends and relatives, those who already have a vacation booked and aren't too scared to go ahead with it or simply don't want to lose the money... Once they are up and flying, their example will influence their peer groups. Any human is influenced by those who surround them. When your mates John, Steve, Katie and Tracie have already travelled somewhere and are still alive and kicking, you'll inevitably start thinking that it's probably not too scary and perhaps worth trying for yourself too.

As much as the proposed measures add some extra hassle to travel, people will start treating them as the necessary evil and an acceptable tradeoff for being able to go about your business. Just as airport security hasn't deferred anyone from travelling abroad yet, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer won't either. And, hopefully, all that will not be necessary someday in the next months or years, so you likely won't spend the rest of your life doing it. Hence, let it be and let it bring us a step closer to practising our awesome profession once again.
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