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Originally Posted by Pilot DAR View Post
Grandpa maybe? I was flying them long before I was a grandpa... I just entered the loop as the flight manual said to, and was satisfied when I hit my own wake turbulence at the bottom. I was not submitting myself for scoring, so if it wasn't circular.... Oh well....
Sorry about that, it's the common name on this side of the pond for relaxed loops (pull a bit, relax a bit, pull a bit) - no insult intended. :-)
The CAerobat is not a wonderful aeros machine but round loops are possible with a level entry at the right speed, a smooth 4g pull, little bit of right rudder to keep the wingtip in the right place on the horizon as speed decays, relax (or very slight push) at 1/3 point to float over the top (the engine will go a bit quiet!), remove applied rudder as speed builds and control speed by smoothly pulling to 4g, exit level. Protect your engine by either keeping one eye on the RPM gauge and throttling accordingly, or accept lower performance by diving to highest planned airspeed, setting throttle for max RPM at that speed and leaving it set there - you then don't need to worry about the throttle unless you go faster than planned.
I realise you didn't ask for this, but I'm bored ;-)
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