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Originally Posted by Dan_Brown View Post
Even a loop, flown properly, you shouldn't pull anymore G than a good steep turn. However, you only have to screw an aeobatic manoeuvre up, then maybe overstrrss the aircraft. You will only know how much, if you have a g meter installed.
I agree with your "don't do it" message but you've been flying some strange loops and steep turns if the gz is similar. A balanced steep turn with 60 degrees of bank will generate about 2g; loop entries and exits will be just under 4g.
Also, to fly a manoeuvre accurately your eyes will be outside, not watching a g meter. A g meter will show the highest and lowest level achieved since reset, but if the pilot is dumb enough to they're probably dumb-enough to reset it afterwards - hence logging g meters in some aircraft. A final thought, cocked-up aeros don't only lead to gz overstress.

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