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Originally Posted by lederhosen View Post
Well one did crash on approach to TXL in the sixties. I think PAA usually flew to Templehof at that time, at least that's where I went with them. I was based there for a while, to be honest not my favourite place. TXL had character, particularly the architecture, but also not always in a good way. The ground handling was at times a nightmare and taxy routes could be tiresome particularly by way of the bridge, which had quite an interesting incline.
The 727 which crashed was most likely shot down, it was a mail service without passengers. In well over 40 years of IGS operation no passenger lost his/her life. The safety record was second to none. Tempelhof was served by Pan American and British European Airways, also by Air France, which moved to ( the old ) Tegel Airport with the introduction of the Caravelle. All charter flights - Modern Air etc. - operated from the old Tegel Airport. I think the old site, the other side of the airfield, is now used by the Luftwaffe Flugbereitschaft. Unless there is a express line serving SXF or BER, the trip there is a nightmare. Done the trip once, and thought I never get there.
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