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FS1E's......memories of some oik in the 70's and 80's making the exhaust and other parts more power friendly and tearing around the neighbourhood or town making a horrendous din that frightened babies and shocked the blue-rinse set.

I see people cycling on a seemingly normal bike that goes up hills in an unnaturally fast way for the effort used, it always catches me out for a few seconds before it twigs what's going on. The use of electric scooters has gone up massively since the lockdown and it catches people used to streets with little or no traffic unawares. I've witnessed a few near misses where the 'rider' is plugged into their smartphone's music app by way of over-ear earphone and in a transcendental state wizzing along silently at 25mph only to come into a dangerous situation with pedestrians crossing a silent and empty road....Yesterday some chap went past me riding on one of those wheel Segways, the kind where you stand on a 'pedal' either side of the wheel. He was doing 20mph through a park with kids and dogs and adults everywhere. He was wearing what looked like a gimp-mask and an all in one suit, but with headphones. Flash Gordon, one of Ming's soldiers is missing!

There was a well-known blogger killed on a scooter not so far from me some months back, on the road, earphones on and sadly didn't hear or see the large truck turning left. Unless we have proper cycle lanes everywhere, scooters and the like won't have a place in society. They don't belong on the pavement, the road is too dangerous and parks are just too busy with potential dangers around every corner.
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