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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
How are you going to enforce the footpath rule? Another duty thrust onto the police I suppose.
Every Christmas children are given bicycles and told to ride them on the footpaths for their own safety, and that is already illegal. Will the same thing happen once the electric scooters are handed out by doting parents? "Look here officer I'm not having my kid on the road with all that traffic".

These are mechanically propelled vehicles. By all means make them legal, but they need exactly the same regulations as 50cc mopeds.
The issue of policing is a good one, and likely to present a significant challenge. However, we don't require licences for either bicycles or electric bikes, and the latter are allowed to do 15.5mph, so it seems irational to try and insist on licenses for the riders of electric scooters restricted to 12.5mph.
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