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Originally Posted by 747 jock View Post
You obviously haven't driven much around the country lanes in Surrey and Sussex.
It's far from uncommon for there to be a very long queue of vehicles waiting to pass a group of cyclists, cyclists who seem to think that it's their god given right to ride two or three abreast so that vehicles behind have little or no chance of passing safely.

It's common around here, too, more so in the last couple of weeks as larger groups of lycras seem to be out and about now. I followed a group of maybe 6 or 8 of them, for 4 or 5 miles the week before last, on a section of road where there just wasn't a clear enough view ahead to get past them. Being stuck doing ~20mph for around 15 minutes behind them didn't exactly endear me to their cause. The annoying thing is that there were two or three straight stretches where, had they been considerate enough to just break up their gaggle it would have been safe to pass them. I get the feeling that some lycras are very deliberately obstructive, just because they feel the need to emphasise to everyone that they have a right to use the roads. Doesn't do them any favours, IMHO.
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