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Maybe. But not this time. We were only about a month into this crisis when NJ already dumped one quarter od their staff. This is not how THE showcse company in our industry should behave. There are plenty of other ways to survive such a crisis economically. Lots of smaller and less financially stable companies have not laid off a single pilot yet. A union which stands in silence and lets this happen is, I repeat myself, totally useless. You must not be an company insider to understand that. The union must be there for you when it matters most. And this is when your job itself is in danger.

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Max, I often find myself agreeing wth you posts but not this time. Not at all. In the UK unions have very limited power. That's true for BALPA at BA, easyJet etc as well as for the union at NJE. Unions do not decide how many get fired. In the Uk they don't even help decide who is selected and why. They are only consulted. It's not a negotiation. If there is a redundancy policy in place it would normally(!) be expected to be followed but in these exceptional circumstances companies can probably get away with a lot, even in court. Unions in the UK can and do negotiate over pay, hours and holidays and they can go on strike for any of these as long as a majority of the membership has voted in favor in a postal ballot. So within that framework, and even beyond it, the union has been a great success and has earned the members (and non-members) their minimal union dues a hundred times over and more. But in this situation they are relatively powerless, unfortunately. That is not to say that not having a union would be better. The opposite is true. It's very important that there is a recognized union and a CBA especially because there are managers such as the one currently in charge at NJE.
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