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Hate them, ban the lot of them. ( speaking as a non-owner/rider) My only experience so far is a Californian city where they are a total menace on the sidewalks ( pavement in UK speak ). "Supposed" to not be ridden on the sidewalk, and require a helmet. NOBODY wears helmets and Americans obviously aren't taught to read anymore, because they all bear a notice forbidding them from sidewalks, which clearly nobody can read, or ....are they just being universally stupid ? Scooters are abandoned anywhere and everywhere with total disregard for pedestrians, blocking entrances and gateways, ridden across pedestrian crossings against the traffic lights, and often with two up, sometimes a young child balanced in front of the rider. ( without helmet,too ) The few who do ride on the road totally ignore other traffic, endangering not only their own lives - and yes occasionally some are killed - but motorists too.

Sadly, a couple of New Zealand cities are playing with them, and although I haven't had the misfortune to visit yet, the local Press is sufficiently full of complaints to suggest that NZ riders are following the example given by the American riders, and our national Insurance scheme is being overwhelmed by claims for serious injury treatment being required by riders.

They have wheels, get them on the bloody road, if you think your life is in danger by doing so - scrap it. Hopefully.

I recall that as a teenager I fitted a 25cc two-stroke motor to my school pushbike, but ... I had then to register it as a motor cycle, attach number plates fore and aft, wear a helmet, and pass a motor cycle driving licence practical driving test. Any attempt to ride it on the pavement would have brought the full force of the law down on me. Why not e-Bikes now ? ( and powered scooters ) A pox on the lot of them.

You may be getting the idea that I don't approve of electric scooters ( or e-bikes on the pavement ) ?
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