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I switched to using an alloy frame lightweight folding bike a few years ago, with a pretty upright riding position and straight bars. Not the fastest machine around, but it has meant I cycle much more, both because it's easy to chuck in the car and go for a ride somewhere different, and because the upright riding position is a great deal easier on my neck. I added a small electric geared hub motor to it a while ago, and that has the advantages that it causes almost no additional drag when pedalling (with electric assistance turned off) and the comforting reassurance that I can always add a bit of boost to climb a hill or get back to my starting point if I get a bit too tired. I rarely use the electric assist, but do find that I tend to ride longer distances since I fitted it. I built the bike from a frame I imported from the USA, made by a low volume manufacturer that happened to be a member of a bike forum a few years ago. The nice thing about it is that it folds with a horizontal hinge pin, so the frame retains pretty much all its lateral stiffness.
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