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Interesting replies…and too many good points made to reply to them all!

SealinkBF, I agree with those three points – and the order that you placed them in.

Commit - Yes, why would anyone want to invest. They are all fair points that you make.

I know we are living in exceptional times but I do wonder if there’s an organisation that currently makes its money elsewhere which can see a unique opportunity to get a foothold in the aviation business while some of the competition is, at best, treading water.

Perhaps it might only offer commuter services by picking up some domestic routes that are effectively unserved and could qualify for PSO funding. My guess is that we will see significantly more PSO routes in the UK before the year is out as the government pushes its connectivity hopes while trying to get the country’s economy back on its feet. Maybe it could lead to the birth of a new regional operator that starts with a handful of aircraft backed by some of that PSO money.
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