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do you believe your armed forces should be held to the same standard as the IRA, UVF etc or a higher one?
To the same standard. It is immoral to pardon one group of participants in a conflict and prosecute another: there can be no exceptions. Either you pardon all participants or none. If soldiers can be brought to civil court decades after being dealt with under the military law that applied to them at the time, the pardons of everyone else must also be suspended. They should all then be brought before the same civil courts.

There are however problems with evidence from such a long time ago. Modern psychology has ample evidence that memories are modified with the passing of time and that false memories can be implanted by seemingly casual events. Put simply, memories cannot be trusted decades after the event. My wife remembers watching the moon landings on television and her grandfather saying the images weren't real and the landing was being faked. She remains firmly attached to this memory despite my pointing out that her grandfather died in 1967, two years before the moon landings.
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