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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
Do you think protesters, trouble makers et al go around with a flashing light on their heads indicating "I am mentally disabled but mean no harm"?
And when you say "worthy of court", read this man's story again. How many times did the investigating authorities investigate and determine there was no case to answer?
Okay so, a not obviously armed civilian, running away from the soldiers constitutes a fair target? And each soldier initially saying they couldn’t remember who opened fire, the rifles then disappearing? There’s certainly a smell of a coverup, which isn’t unusual for these incidents.

I am also sickened by terrorists literally getting away with murder, but I would ask, do you believe your armed forces should be held to the same standard as the IRA, UVF etc or a higher one?

There are certain atrocities committed by the British army during the troubles that deserve to be fully aired in public. Bloody Sunday is one, likewise the shooting of Carol Ann Kelly, an 11 year old girl walking home with a bottle of milk, the various other children who were fatally shot by soldiers, or Stephen McConomy, an 11 year old boy who was fatally shot whilst playing on his street by 2 British soldiers from inside their armoured vehicle, and then threatened to shoot the other children if they attempted to help him while he bled out on the road. The RUC never investigated these killings, but that’s hardly surprising, there was a unit within the the RUC who met up on their days off and randomly killed people in Catholic areas, their existence was well known within the organisation.

Those who committed similar atrocities in paramilitaries should, in my opinion, face justice, but your Government’s decision to pardon them should not excuse those in the armed forces from their crimes. And let’s not forget the line between those forces and paramilitaries was very blurred, with RUC and Army often providing intelligence and assistance to Loyalist paramilitaries to carry out murder, E.G the Miami Showband massacre. The role of UK forces in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings has been sealed for 100 years. I wish I could live long enough to see that.

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