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Because, twigletsglow, man is a creature of habit, and tends to fall into eating pretty much the same things whatever the professed scope of his diet. I ate many new and hitherto unconsidered delicacies when I gave up meat, and though I am not now vegetarian I eat very little meat, and tend to eat more broadly for it. Also I am a vegetable-eating semi-vegetarian, rather than the cheese and fake meat eating variety, so eat much deliscious fresh produce, healthier and tastier than my budget would allow for with meat as well.


Do not worry about the pile of poo waiting for you. Those blessed with overmuch luck in life tend to become unbalanced, mean and grasping, spoiled if you like. Now while I would hesitate to diagnose Draper as balanced in any way, it would seem from his demeanor on this forum that he is at least benign, even benevolent (excepting, of course, towards those as richly deserve it, like lawyers and Frenchmen). That will, I think, reduce the load that karma holds in readiness for you, Mr D.
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