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I remember an Airline that started in this country a few years ago, had only a hand full of planes of one type, the drivers started out on less $$$ than their competitors and they ran a very lean operation, even used spent paper in the printers! They did just the popular main routes tourist destinations mostly. They expanded to 14 airframes still all the one type, finally after a sucsesion of the usual CEO's CP's who thought they knew better the said Airline just started to operate on the black then along came a mother Airline who bought in to the said Airline a bit at a time and wanted to change the fleet type, synergy I think they call it, the new corporate 'in' word. From that day onwards the said Airline went backwards losing money like a kid at a lolly shop due missmanagment and a whole host of internal issues. Enter CV19, the lolly shop kid ran out of money, the mother Airline went bust".........said Airline was Tigers!
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