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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Who are you going to give the contract too, Serco? Besides the tags work by the tag sending a regular signal to a receiver attached to the wearer's home phone. Not sure how that would work with most visitors - or how it would be quickly installed.

Frankly the imposition of such a quarantine seems more to be pandering to public opinion than scientific analysis and judgement. The majority of those entering the country are UK nationals returning home who will enter the same lockdown as everyone else and the same requirement to self isolate if they develop symptoms or are key workers who have to fly. The biggest risk would be from those who are entering the country and then roaming around such as HGV drivers through ports such as Dover - who reportedly will be exempt.

Good relevant post on another thread on the subject.

14 day quarantine

Given that “key workers” are likely to be exempted and, at the moment, are probably are the overwhelming number of people travelling by air (don’t think there are many holidaymakers), then how does quarantining a small fraction of those on a flight do anything at all?
As you say, it may be a "too hard basket" issue for the UK.

Many of the positive cases recorded in Australia now are those in the mandatory 14 day quarantine. This is at government expense, supervised, in hotels.

Had those individuals gone supermarket shopping on the way home from the airport, we would probably have different numbers.

Other nations are having success with tracking bracelets, others still with phone apps to achieve the same aim.

I would postulate it is less about population density or bad luck and more to do with willpower.
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