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What would you do if and when you find you are going to be made compulsorily redundant, as either a captain or first officer, based solely on LIFO?

That is a distinct probability in BA, Virgin and Aer Lingus. In BA and Virgin it will probably be those caught after both airlines have chopped pilots on a particular fleet. TUI, yet to announce redundancies do, I believe, have some form of matrix but it is likely to be weighted in favour of LIFO, which it should not be.

An idea might be to get together with colleagues in the same boat, research the most recent equality and anti-discrimination legislation, which states that LIFO cannot be used as the only method.

Once that is accepted and because LIFO isn’t fair as it is indirect age discrimination against the young put some dosh in a pot and employ a good (most important) employment lawyer to, in the first instant fire a warning shot at both your company and your representatives (BALPA) to pre-warn them that formal action will be forth coming if they do not follow current employment legislation with regard to making people redundant.

Although LIFO is a straightforward and simple method for making people redundant it was removed from the statute books because it was deemed to be unfair.

If redundancies are going to be made they should be fair. All parties to the redundancy negotiations are responsible for ensuring that current legislation is followed.
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